C program to convert days to years weeks and days

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Write a C program to input number of days from user and convert it to years, weeks and days. How to convert days to years, weeks in C programming. Logic to convert days to years, weeks and days in C program.



Enter days: 373


373 days = 1 year/s, 1 week/s and 1 day/s

Required knowledge

Fundamentals of C, Data types, Talking user input in C

Days conversion formula

1 year = 365 days (Ignoring leap year)
1 week = 7 days

Using this we can define our new formula to compute years and weeks.
year = days / 365
week = (days - (year * 365)) / 7

Logic to convert days to years weeks and days

Step by step descriptive logic to convert days to years, weeks and remaining days is given below -

  1. Read total days from user in some variable say days.
  2. Compute total years using the above conversion table. Which is years = days / 365.
  3. Compute total weeks using the above conversion table. Which is weeks = (days - (year * 365)) / 7.
  4. Compute remaining days using days = days - ((years*365) + (weeks*7)).

Program to convert days to years, weeks and days

 * C program to convert days in to years, weeks and days

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int days, years, weeks;

    // Read total number of days from user
    printf("Enter days: ");
    scanf("%d", &days);

    years = (days / 365);   //Ignoring leap year
    weeks = (days % 365) / 7;
    days  = days - ((years * 365) + (weeks * 7));

    printf("YEARS: %d\n", years);
    printf("WEEKS: %d\n", weeks);
    printf("DAYS: %d", days);

    return 0;
Enter days: 373

Happy coding ;)

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  1. while finding the number of weeks, why did you use day%365? could you please explain?

    1. Hello Bloom, actually days%365 returns the remaining number of days subtracting total number of days in years found.

      This is also equivalent to weeks = (days - (years * 365)) / 7;

      Lets take an example suppose days = 401

      Years = 401/365 = 1
      Weeks = (401 % 365)/7 = (36)/7 = 5
      Days = 401 - ( (1 * 365) + (5 * 7)) = 401 - (365+35) = 1

    2. Thank you!
      I was trying to solve some problems and I can't do it (I'm a beginner by the way).
      I was hoping you could help me out. Will it be a problem?

    3. Surely, I will try my best Bloom to help you.

    4. Should I post my problems here? Or will you give me an email address to send my problems to?

    5. Yes of-course you can post your problems here.

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