C program to find area of a rectangle

Write a C program to input length and width of a rectangle and find area of the given rectangle. How to calculate area of a rectangle whose length and breadth are given by user in C programming.

Input length= 5
Input width = 10
Area of rectangle = 50 sq. units

Required knowledge:

Fundamentals of C, Data types, Talking user input in C, Area of rectangle

Area of rectanlge

Area of a rectangle can be given by: length * width


 * C program to find area of rectangle

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    float length, width, area;

     * Read length and width of rectangle from user
    printf("Enter length of rectangle: ");
    scanf("%f", &length);
    printf("Enter width of rectangle: ");
    scanf("%d", &width);

    /* Calculates area of rectangle */
    area = length * width;

    /* Prints the area of rectangle */
    printf("\nArea of rectangle = %f sq. units ", area);

    return 0;

Enter length of rectangle: 5
Enter width of rectangle: 10

Area of rectangle = 50.000000 sq. units

Happy coding ;)

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