C program to calculate profit or loss

Write a C program to enter cost price and selling price of a product and check for any profit or loss also calculate total profit or loss using if else. How to calculate profit or loss on any product using if else in C programming. Program to calculate profit and loss of any product in C.

Input cost price: 1000
Input selling price: 1500
Output profit: 500

Required knowledge

Basic C programming, If else, Basic Mathematics, Profit loss formula.

Logic to find profit or loss

If the cost price is greater than selling price then there is a loss otherwise profit. Formula to calculate profit or loss
Profit = S.P - C.P (Where S.P is Selling Price and C.P is Cost Price)
Loss = C.P - S.P

Program to calculate profit or loss

 * C program to calculate profit or loss

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int cp,sp, amt; 
    /* Reads cost price and selling price of a product */
    printf("Enter cost price: ");
    scanf("%d", &cp);
    printf("Enter selling price: ");
    scanf("%d", &sp);
    if(sp > cp) //Profit
        amt = sp - cp;
        printf("Profit = %d", amt);
    else if(cp > sp) //Loss
        amt = cp - sp;
        printf("Loss = %d", amt);
    else //No Profit No Loss
        printf("No Profit No Loss.");

    return 0;

Enter cost price: 1000
Enter selling price: 1500
Profit = 500

Happy coding ;)

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