Introduction to Visual Studio and creating console applications

The best IDE I have ever came across is Visual Studio. It is also a reason why I like developing for windows, and I love windows. Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for developing all types of applications – Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. Visual studio provides a strong IntelliSense and debugging support. You can also download. Express edition of Visual Studio from DreamSpark available at free for students.

Creating console applications in Visual Studio

Creating console application is easy task and the easiest way to begin with C#. You can create console application in just 2 steps.
Step 1. Navigate to File -> New -> Project. Or you can also hit Ctrl+Shift+N for creating new project.

Step 2. Click on Visual C# available on the left side of the Templates panel. And then select Console Application from the central panel. Provide a name to your application, hit the OK button and you are done.

Navigating to your code files.

You can navigate to your code files with the help of Solution Explorer. If you are unable to find Solution explorer just hit Ctrl+W then hit S. Or you can also find it in View menu. In the solution explorer you can see three nodes under MyFirstConsoleApplication.
  • Properties
  • References
  • Program.cs
Properties node is used to modify various project settings and properties.
References node contains the reference of the .dll files that we have used in our project.
Program.cs is our C# code file. And any file you can see in the solution explorer with .cs extension is the C# source code file. You can get more details about Program.cs here.

If you still finds something missing or any related queries write it in the comment box.
Happy coding ;)
Any doubt or suggestion write here. I will try my best to help. Before posting your code you must escape it to view. To format your source code and use format highlighting, post your source code inside
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